99 modi per capire se sei o non sei Estone

Quei simpatici Estolondinesi di Estonian World hanno preparato un articolo (con relativa lista) intitolato “100 ways to know that you are from Estonia“. Già che c’erano ci hanno messo un bel po’ di ironia, il che – come si sa – non guasta mai.
Ecco i punti che, avendo io una certa conoscenza del Paese e dei suoi abitanti, sottoscrivo in pieno.

You attended a song festival at least once either as a performer or as a spectator

You are nationalistic about Skype (it was actually set up in Estonia)

You declare your taxes on the internet like all modern people

You spent at least one midsummer in Saaremaa or Hiiumaa, or in one of the smaller islands

You have been at least once in your life at Pärnu beach

There can never be too much sarcasm

Buildings taller than 20 floors are sightseeing items where you bring visitors

You have been to Finland

You think working 35 hours per week is like being on a holiday

Even if you find the music by Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt not exactly easy-listening, you think they are great messengers for the country

When someone ask you “where is Estonia?” you quickly reply that it’s located in Northern Europe close to Finland…

Sour cream tastes good with everything

You have heard the phrase “Estonians are slow” at least once

You don’t go on strike or protest when the government screws you

Verivorst (blood sausage) tastes great (at least once a year at Christmas time)

It’s been years since you’ve seen your paper passport and paper bus pass

And weeks since you’ve seen cash money

And you barely remember that there are other forms of payment except electronic ones

You presume that all other countries also have ubiquitous internet access

You feel that the University of Tartu is among the top five best/largest/oldest universities in the world, and if you’ve graduated from it, all paths in life are open for you

You know the names of all three black people living in Estonia

You wait for a green light at a pedestrian crossing even when there is no traffic to be seen

You can speak with pride of Estonia’s tallest mountain (Mountain Suur Munamägi – 318 m)

You can at times drink hot tea to hot food

Every year you believe, deep in your heart, that Estonia will once again win the Eurovision Song Contest

Potato to you is the same as rice to a Japanese

You’re proud that Ernst Hemingway wrote that you can find at least one Estonian in every harbour in the world

I punti 34, 90 e 95 sono comuni anche a Lituani e Lettoni. Il punto che invece credo racchiuda molto del carattere estone è l’80.

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